Hail and Well Met!

We are the Watchmen of Ered Duath – a Belegarth realm based in Provo, UT.


What do we do?

We use safe, padded weapons to simulate Dark Ages combat in a fast, hard-hitting, and full contact combat sport known as Belegarth.

This isn’t LARPing – it’s paintball with swords!

How do you join?

Simple – just show up to practice, sign a liability waiver, learn the rules (they’re simple) and start earning your place in Valhalla.

All are welcome to come and fight in our realm – from experienced combatants, down to the greenest of newbies.

We currently have more than 40 active members who show up to fight each week, and more are always welcome!

Where do we practice?

Our fighter practices are held every thursday at 7pm in North Park – 500 W 500 N, Provo, UT.