About Ered Duath

The Watchmen of Ered Duath is a chapter of Belegarth Medieval Combat society, based in Provo, UT.

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is a fun, safe, and inexpensive sport where participants wear medieval or fantasy-themed clothing and fight with foam-padded weapons. The fighting is hard and fast and has, since 1979, refined into its own brand of martial art. The rules are easy to learn, and after a few practices, you’ll be hooked!

Most groups base themselves loosely on Tolkein’s Middle Earth, but this isn’t a requirement. You choose the character you want to portray; if you can dream it, you can do it. The amount of effort you to put into your characterization is up to you; Belegarth provides a great environment for both serious role players and those who would rather just fight.

The History of the Realm

Dagorhir-style fighting reached the Provo, Utah area in 1991, when Jay Barnson, aka Vagabond Dark of the Aratari, moved to Utah from the Maryland.

He initially gathered a small band of interested people, each armed with a single one-handed sword; they adopted a set of rules similar to those used in Dagorhir and called themselves BattleGuard.

This group expanded, both in the number of warriors involved and in the number and type of weapons they created and used (even developing shields!), and in the summer of 1996 they fully adopted the Dagorhir rules and registered under the name “The Watchmen of Ered Duath” (The Watchmen of the Shadow Mountains, as the translation goes).

In the Fall of 2001, a political dispute (the details of which are irrelevant, now) caused Dagorhir to split  – creating two, nearly identical organizations. These two organizations: Dagorhir and Belegarth, have since begun to grow back together, with many fighters participating in both games simultaneously.