The War of the Forbidding is an exceptional event, being hosted by the realm of Shannara in Idaho.

Official details can be found on their facebook event page. And for those of you who don’t have an account on the Visage Tome – check out the post on the Belegarth forums.

This has always been an awesome event, with some of the most amazingly soft grass you will ever have the pleasure to fight on. The event coordinators, Taelisyn and Hound, are great people and work extremely hard on this event, and I encourage everyone to do their best to attend.

Some of the awesome happenings of WoF are:

  1. Bardic Competition¬† (I can never say “no” to bardic games).
  2. Craft competition – homemade items, preferably medieval.
  3. Gladiator Pit
  4. Battleshots (for those over 21)
  5. Fat Kid Keg (also for those over 21)